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Rain usually makes me feel happy, but it’s always related to sad things. Sometimes, I just don’t understand why. When I was a kid, rain meant jumping in puddles and using my favourite umbrella. But as I grew up, I saw rain getting more frequently used as a symbol for sadness, depression, anger, death, etc. Where did all of the rain lovers go?

As a writer, I’m guilty of portraying rain as a sign of bad events. I’ve related it to death as well, and it always seems to…fit. Maybe its because of the blockage of the sun and a lack of light, but its a great metaphor. But I haven’t come to terms with how I perceive rain yet.

Perhaps rain is both good and bad — just like how the same person, or event, can make you feel happy and sad. I’ve realized that I can’t remain as the kid in the yellow rain jacket jumping in puddles — I have to learn to look at how to improve things in my life as well.

Coming back to rain: if you’re someone that despises rain, and have a good reason for it, that’s fine! But if you want to try something new, try taking a walk in the rain. Maybe jump in some puddles! Rain calms me, and the sound of it falling helps me focus (it’s a kind of natural ambient sound). Plus, nature and walking are both good things for your body.

This little analogy helped me sort out a few ideas that I usually keep at the back of my mind… I hope that it helped you a bit too!

Stay tuned, and stay happy! : )

This helps me study and sleep!
Some soft music + rain = a great way to relax and study

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