Source: Oxbridge Academy

Many of us are students that need to learn things fast. (If you’ve ever been in the position where there are three projects and 4 tests that you have to check off of your to-do list in just one week, you know what I’m talking about.)

So I think it would be nice to have a space where you can come for some advice or comfort. Here I’m going to be sharing studying tips, skill sets, motivation, and resources. I hope you’ll like it!

School is starting soon (and for some it may have already started, depending on your age and country). The first step is to always start with a positive mindset. Set goals for yourself this year. Join more clubs, or focus on your studies more. Think about what you want to accomplish this year. Nothing is too hard with the right attitude!

I know that this may sound like just what your teachers or parents say, but it really is true. If you put your mind to something, and you have the right motivation and determination to achieve it, you can totally do it!

Starting is the hardest part. This holds true for everything. if you start studying well, it will become a habit, and then a lifestyle.

So, to recap: for most, schools are just about to start or are already in their first few months of lessons. The fall semester for universities start around this time as well. I hope this part of my blog can grow with everybody through the year. It will always be here for you with an ever growing amount of posts that can help you along the way.

Happy studying!
- Your fellow student

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