Source: BTS Jimin Serendipity MV (Minor Editing)

Notes: This is the start of a series of my ‘epic poem’ fragments (epic poems tell grand stories.) Famous epic poems include the Iliad and the Mahabharata.

Definitions: Apotelesma — the influence that stars have over human destiny (Latin)
Noctifer — the evening star
Carina — dear, beloved (Italian)
Polaris — the north star
Sidereus — relating to or of the stars (Latin)
Antares — a star
Rigel — another star

Book I, Part I; Apotelesma — The Calling of the Muse

Sing through me, muses, my heart’s true desire,
The willingness to tell the events that transpired.
A wretch’d, insipid maiden whose sense was all twisted shadows,
As if  Noctifer ‘imself had brought the night upon her.
The girl could not escape the dismal mind she called her own,
And adored the stars so much that in lieu decided to call them home.
But still, as the Night Bringer pushed Carina of the spent soul to her undeserving fate,
The absence of all love felled her, and in flooded a bottomless hate.
And once the child could take no more,
From a ledge like a spear in the sky, so high that not even winged creatures could reach it,
She let herself fall down, down on to the forest floor. 
The stars that the girl loved so much came down and let the sky dark’n,
Drew nigh to save who they could not bear to lose.
Apotelesma, the influence that stars have over human destiny;
The girl found angels on Earth through some otherworldly silent plea,
As if the stars themselves had sent them down from the vast universe,
To make her life as blessed as a living heaven.
Still, the evening star was at large,
And the ineffable angels were compelled to teach courage and strength to their new beloved charge.
So, deities of the sky, sing through me the events that transpired 
As the girl achieved all that she ‘ad hoped to aspire.

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