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Link to Part 1: The Most Beautiful Home: Book I, Part I; Apotelesma — The Calling of the Muse


Since these are epic poem fragments, they are organized into books, and then further divided into parts. If you have read my last fragment, you may realize that I am posting them in order. This is because my mini-project was to try and write different parts of a story. Finally, the interpretation of the poem is up to you readers!

Important Words:

Apotelesma — the influence that stars have over human destiny (Latin)
Noctifer — the evening star
Carina — dear, beloved (Italian)
Polaris — the north star
Sidereus — relating to or of the stars (Latin)
Antares — a star
Rigel — another star

Book II, Part VII: Sidereus — Truly, She Is of the Stars

 As the sun set on the thousandth of the blessed days,
The universe itself knew that Carina and the angels were impossible to faze.
Those days were known as the ephemeral ones
Lasting for beautiful fleeting moments just measured by the sun.

The muses hast shown they travelled the lands, seas, and never ending skies,
Helping all those in need that they would come by.
Battles were won and demons were slain,
But deities, pray tell, why the eight starry-eyed angels were somewhat unsettled all through the way.

For Carina was yet to conquer her own fears, dark and impure,
And was still haunted by the ghosts of the battles she had to endure.
More than the memories, she was still plagued by visions of darkness,
As Noctifer had not yet left her mind in silence.

One day as dusk drew near,
The winged stars came to a consensus to speak their fears.
The celestials looked on as they spoke the truth,
That rung through the ears of the troubled youth:

“Art thou not a hero now?
A face that many have seen and to whom blessings upon the hundreds are endowed?
So why do you disregard your ultimate vow
To win over your demons and make us proud?”

To this, Carina did reply in shame:
“O beloved companions, I am grateful for your compassion and role in what I became,
But, in battling and winning over my nightmares, what if I change?
And even so, I do not have means to achieve my aim.

The evening star is so great, so strong,
That even if  Polaris, the guiding star, were to aid me through the throng,
I would surely fail and lose my identity all while being wronged.
That, my friends, has been my fear all along.”

To this, the angels smiled,
As they looked upon this tender hearted child:
“Words cannot express our boundless love for you,
In this life or any other, we will always be with you.

And do not fear, for you have the strength of a thousand stars,
Because you will find the courage within to weather these scars.
We shall be right beside you in your battle; if need be, we shall be your lodestar.
You are not alone. We believe in all that you are.” 

Carina took a moment to reply,
As she again silently thanked the sky for her friends who had just promised to never say goodbye,
But finally she answered, her eyes brimming with liquid hope:
“You have set me straight, and I shall depart to face my foe.”

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