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When I met my kindergarten teacher for the first time, I didn’t ever want to leave the school — I still distinctly remember that fond memory.

As time passed, I met new people and became a new person. But one of the biggest factors to my development (emotionally, mentally, physically, and academically) has been my teachers. I feel like I was always super lucky — blessed, even — to have the best teachers for all my different stages of life. I was just thinking about how thankful I was to every one of them. They are a source of my happiness and improvement.

I have had many, many teachers. They were all unique in their own way. I still have connections with some of them, but with others regretfully not. I’ve lived in a few cities and had to adjust to various school environments. But I had help along the way.

One thing that I loved was that instead of just teaching us academically, all of my teachers taught my class and I proper behavior, responsibility, patience, and kindness. They were exceptional role models. My teachers loved their job very much, and through that, they infused in me a quality that I still have to this very day — my love for learning. I cannot express how important I believe it is to have a teacher invested in their job, nurturing and encouraging children to reach new heights, explore new topics, and overcome their fears.

I was able to perform two Shakespeare plays in elementary school (an unabridged version of Hamlet and and abridged version of Romeo and Juliet), thanks to two very dedicated teachers. I’m sure that it was difficult to organize us. But through that, I learned Shakespearean language, literature, and the lifestyle of the time.

In grade 8, I had a teacher that I felt was just as happy as us to go to school everyday. She constantly searched for enrichment opportunities — helping out other classes, helping the office, and letting us take the lead for fundraisers. She celebrated all of our birthdays, so we celebrated hers as well. In between our lessons, tiring (but fun) gym classes, and quiet work periods on fabulous projects, she would take pictures and videos of us. Over time, she printed out those pictures and we put them up on our classroom door. By the end of the year, it was full. And on top of that, she put together a video longer than an hour of our pictures and videos as a goodbye present.

And that was one of the years that I truly felt my love for biology — we had to work in partners and take one of each of the body systems to give a full presentation about it — anatomy, physiology, and pathology! Not to mention a full body sized diagram (it took quite a while drawing all those veins and arteries). And we also had to write a report on cells, exploring every part of them (in the end, I wrote 40 pages because I had so much fun learning about them).

Looks like I went on a tangent there. I wish I could write about all my teachers, but then you’d all be here reading about them for at least five hours! (That wasn’t even half of what I wanted to say about my grade 8 teacher.)

Anyways, I hope you all read this and wonderful memories of childhood pop into your head. Do you all have a teacher (or teachers) that hold a special place in your heart?

Stay tuned, and stay happy! : )

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