Photo Credit: Lisataylor1 on imgur

I love dogs, but I also looove cats. During the winter, I don’t see cats outside much, but they love to prowl around by themselves in the summer.

There are a few cats in the neighborhood, and they all have different personalities. One is really shy, and another hisses at me whenever it sees me. But another one just loves to come up to me and rub against my legs — how cute!

But all of these cats love to chase butterflies. They’ll run from lawn to lawn to get at them! First, they crouch like a tiger stalking they’re prey — they are felines, after all — and then they’ll sit there for as much as five minutes before making a move. And then they pounce. Rwar!

Of course, the butterflies always get away, but I like watching the cats enjoy themselves under the sun.

Do you guys have any pets or little neighborhood friends that make you smile?

Stay tuned, and stay happy! : )

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