Image Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor Ragnarok)

Links to Part 1 and Part 2:
The Most Beautiful Home: Book I, Part I; Apotelesma — The Calling of the Muse
The Most Beautiful Home: Book II, Part VII: Sidereus — Truly, She Is of the Stars


This is the last part of my epic poem fragment series (so far)! The interpretation of the poem is up to you readers!

Important Words:

Apotelesma — the influence that stars have over human destiny (Latin)
Noctifer — the evening star
Carina — dear, beloved (Italian)
Polaris — the north star
Sidereus — relating to or of the stars (Latin)
Antares — a star
Rigel — another star

Book V, Part IV — The Battle of Noctifer

Carina of the brave heart wielded her character as if it were her sword,
And with the strength of the fiery sun blazing through herself, charged forward.
Noctifer, he who had chained her mind for so long,
Became afraid as Carina’s soul finally sang its rightful song:

“O devil of the wicked deeds,
As I square with thee, my whole self aches and bleeds.
But no longer will I suffer this abuse that you lead!
In defeating you tonight, I can be free.”

Then the Night Bringer scoffed at this latest remark,
As he did not believe in this flame that had been kindled from a forgotten spark.
“Carina, you say this as if this is the most admirable,
Tis a shame that today your defeat will be brutal.”

Carina declared, “Perhaps today, fate is not on my side and thy victory be clear,
But I have realized that is no longer my greatest fear.
For you will never win over my mind,
As long as I have the good-hearted angels by my humble side.”

Hearing this, Noctifer rose from his throne,
And summoned the hordes of dark masses, the troops he called his own.
Carina braced for the attack,
As the dark masses pressed down upon her, and all that was seen was pitch black.

With one slice of her blade, she expelled the flood of darkness,
But the battle had just begun, and Noctifer was set to render her joyless.
So he sent his second in command, another frightful star:
Antares, who made people quake in terror as his power was rival to that of Mars.

Yet Carina of the brave soul drew her sword,
And after a fierce lock of their blades, drove it through his collarbone.
Shortly came the fearsome star Rigel, he who was master of all that was miserable and desolate,
When he had been a bright star, he betrayed the Guardians and closed the celestial gate. 

Carina defended her best against Rigel,
Who had made several blows to her form as she went under a painful spell.
But she recovered and shattered the helmet off ‘is mane,
Cracking it on the ground of the heavenly plain.

Now the head of Rigel lay bare,
And like a vicious predator taking its final leap before the kill, Carina met her mark with flair.
She brought Rigel down, channeling her great newfound euphoria,
The giant was down to his knees, and she drove sword through skull, the end of a dark era.

Finally, Noctifer acknowledged the striking truth,
Carina would not back down and could not be subdued.
For even now, during this battle, the angels were there, 
fighting off the masses of darkness so she could undertake the true dare.

The valiant ones were winning, more than half the dark army was felled
So in one final try, Noctifer yelled,
“You will never find true peace!
I will never allow it, lest my existence cease!”

And then, Carina realised what had been with her all along,
Some fragment of an idea that arrived with the people that had helped make her strong.
Noctifer was nothing to her, what did he matter?
She had already found true joy, and her own fate she did alter.

So in response to Noctifer, she whispered,
“You are wrong, peace came to me with my angels, my saviours.”
And with a blood-curdling scream stretching across the universe,
Noctifer was slain, ridding Carina of her grave curse.

The angels rejoiced the victory of their companion,
And the guardians of the sky that loved the triumphant mortal felt their serene smiles broaden.
Now Carina and the angels embraced,
And then she said this as she was graced:

“Tonight I’ll fall asleep with all of you in my heart,
As you became my friends, and thousands of villains we did thwart.
For you gave me the most beautiful home in this vast universe I was once willing to depart
And I’m grateful to you all, for my life’s new start.”

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