BTS World Heartbeat MV
Photo Credit: BTS World Heartbeat MV

I ran across the field of stars
Over my sun and ten thousand leagues far
Meteors rained down upon me as a storm brewed
But a wave washed me away to the frozen valley of forgotten moons

The sea of stars twists around me
sparkling and fading into distant galaxies
The colour of a universe is not one that all can see easily
Mine is a brilliant light unknown to man
Whales float across the sky
Birds by the millions ready their wings to fly
Goliath dragons roam the void for a place to call home
Among the creatures of the night I no longer felt alone

I traveled through eons of time just to realize a lie
Thought the noise of my tears were my battle cry
I walk across the clouds and among the beasts,
But then I fall back down to the sea

My mind twists dreams into a reality
Ever-present Celestials visit a place shrouded in mystery
The sun and moon are both high in the heavens
Creating for me a new haven of shadowed light.

Silent supernovae share a pulsing light and rupture colliding planets
Beautiful catastrophes wreak havoc
Battles continue through dawn and dusk, surrounding the cosmic shrine
Still, through it all, the universe inside me shines

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