Credit: CTV News

Now, before everyone comes at me, traffic on the highways does not make me happy. It’s more about the time I get to myself during my commute.

If you’re like me, you have a very long commute from home to downtown for one of two things: work or education. I live in a city where the highways get super congested — it actually ranks as one of the most traffic-congested cities in Canada. I recently found out that long commutes are a signature of North America, even though there are other places in Asia where it is common. It’s even becoming a part of European lifestyle for some.

I’m writing this in the morning while I’m on the road. I have my earbuds in, listening to my favourite music, and doing one of my most favourite things – blogging! I either sleep or do my homework on the bus. On rare occasions when I don’t have much work to get done, I read, write or draw. I understand the aggravation that people feel inching along beside the other cars; I feel it sometimes too. But instead of complaining about the long way and that being the only thing on your mind, do something productive instead!

Things to do on the highway:

  • Finish your homework! (You’ll thank yourself when you get home)
  • Self study to gain knowledge (Again, you’ll thank yourself in the future)
  • Read a novel (gain vocabulary and be sucked into another world!)
  • Draw (it may be bumpy, but I somehow manage)
  • Write (let your creativity flow!)
  • Watching Videos? (watch tv at home, and educational vids on the highway)
  • Meditate (relaxing is important!)
  • Self-reflect (make plans, solve personal problems, etc.)
  • Listen to music or a podcast
  • Sleep 🙂

I can do a lot of my favourite activities in the car because a) I don’t drive and b) I don’t get car sick (I used to, but I forced myself not to, if that makes any sense). But if you are driving, you can still do important things. How often is it that you get to self reflect? Plan out your day in silence? Listen to your music out loud without worrying about anybody’s opinions?

Great ideas always come when you least expect it. And how can you get them when you’re always busy and your mind is cluttered with stress? The early morning traffic jam is the best time to get yourself together and mentally or physically jot down a few notes regarding your future plans or a new story.

Long story short, use your time wisely. A long commute is one of the only times that you have completely to yourself. Utilise that time to better yourself.

Stay tuned, and stay happy! : )

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