Credit: Vancouver Courier; Rebecca Blissett

What. A. Hard. Three. Weeks.

It won’t get much easier for a while, but now I’ve finally found time to breathe. It took me a while to get used to the pressure again. For everybody out there that’s also bogged down by tests, projects, and assignments, remember to persevere and keep going!

I’m back with some writing. I like to call this ’15 and 15 poetry’. I take 15 minutes to write it and 15 minutes to edit it. It isn’t what I usually like to do — but when I don’t have time to write and I find a creative streak, it helps me relax and take my mind off of work.

Again, interpretation is up to you guys. Hope you enjoy!

The Dove and The Crow

I look between the dove and the crow
Amity crowning the dark and embracing light
Why can I not have both?
Simple whispers make my mind reel

For the umpteenth time, I watch the waves crash
Please swallow me so I can be whole again
All I see through the Gateway is peace
Atlas drops the heavens and the world revolts

You there under the holy sky
Do the ruined lords speak to you as they do to I?
I only slip in the shadows
Is that why no one sees me fall?
Knowingly I drank this poison from Hell

Antares watches me burn
Burn with might, burn with rage, burn…
“Over my dead body” I say as I see the damned
Fog covers my soul and They smile

The Celestials free me from invisible chains
And I cry out surrounded by bitter remains
Despair rots away my hope
But I still forge this path through fire and ice
Unable to stop the flight of the dove and the crow.

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